The Role of the Oil and Gas Industry in the Global Economy: How It Affects Trade and Investment

The Role of the Oil and Gas Industry in the Global Economy: How It Affects Trade and Investment

The History of the Oil and Gas Industry: From Its Origins to Its Modern-Day Developments

The History of the Oil and Gas Industry: From Its Origins to Its Modern-Day Developments

well materials

Common Well Casing Materials

Water Wellhead

What Components Make up a Water Well?

Natural Gas

How is Natural Gas Refined?

Oil and Gas Production

The Top Oil And Gas Producers in The World

recycled repurposed pipes

How to Recycle Old Pipes

steel pipes - scaffolding

The Most Common Uses For Steel Pipes

oil pipe repair

An Introduction to Swages


What Are The Two Types of Pipeline?

oil barrels

Who Sets The Price of Oil?

gas prices

What Really Affects Oil Prices?

steel pipe railings

Structural Steel Pipe: Uses and Types

pvc pipe

What is Schedule 40 Pipe?

Oil field

What is the Difference Between a Drill Pipe and a Drill Collar?


How Can I Save My Kelly Threads from Wear and Tear?

float shoe and float collar

What Are Float Shoes?

crossover joint

What are Crossover Joints?

pipe fittings

What Are 4 Different Types of Pipe Fittings?

pvc pipe

3 Different Things to Consider When Purchasing Pipe

cassion steel pipe

What is Steel Caisson Pipe?

pipe fitting illustration

Pipe Fittings Used in the Oil and Gas Industry

oil field

What are Oilfield Supplies?

Oil Pump with Sucker Rod

What Are Sucker Rods Used For?


The Difference Between a Christmas Tree and Wellhead


What is Wellhead Piping?

structural pipe

Structural Pipe: Types and Uses


Are Most Oil and Gas Pipelines Above or Below Ground?

Well Casings

What Are Oil Country Tubular Goods?

oil pipe

New Oil Pipe Vs. Old Oil Pipe: Which is Better?

road bore

What is Road Bore?

Oil Drills

The Difference Between Oil Casing and Oil Drill Pipe


Line Pipe vs. Pipeline – What’s the Difference?

Pup Joints

What are Pup Joints?


Types of Pipelines That Carry Oil And Gas

Oilfield Pipelines

What is an Oilfield Pipe Made Of?

culvert pipe

What is a Culvert Pipe?

structural pipe

What to Know About Structural Steel Pipe


What is a Wellhead?

epoxy coating

What is Fusion Bond Epoxy Coating?


What Are Casing Spacers?

casing pipes

Guide to Different Casing Pipes

pipes for fencing

Choosing the Right Pipe for Fencing

oil pipe

Oil Supply Pipes Guide

Yellow pipe

What Is Yellow Band Pipe?

structural pipes

Types of Structural Piping

drill pipe

What is a Drill Pipe?

oil field pipe

What is Oilfield Pipe?

rustic pipe decor

Use Recycled Piping in Rustic Design

pipe casing

What Is The Difference Between Casing And Tubing?

Frozen valve - winter time.

How To Prevent PVC Pipes From Freezing In Winter

gas leaks

How to Check For Home Gas Line Leaks


The Crude Oil Refining Process

Image of oil platform while cloudless day. Oil platform on sea is offshore structure with facilities to drill wells, extract and process oil and natural gas and temporarily store produced goods until it can be brought to the shore for refining.

How Does Oil And Gas Affect You?

pvc pipes

Repurposing Old PVC Pipes

metal pipe with insulation coatings on white background, 3D illustration

Pipe Coating: Protect Your Pipes

yellow and black steel bollards on street near concrete pavement

Road Traffic Bollards: Types and Uses

Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant with sunset

Where Does Natural Gas Come From?

crude oil

Where Does Crude Oil Come From?

well casing

What is Well Casing?

natural pipes

Natural Gas Pipe Types


How do Liquid Petroleum Pipelines Work?

oil piplines

The Difference Between Oil and Gas Pipelines

Industrial pipe with gas, oil and water

Coated Pipes: What’s the Benefit?

pipe line conection in oil refinery

How are Pipelines Constructed?

Natural gas inventory unit

Sources of Natural Gas

structural pipes

Three Ways to Use Structural Piping

A single oil well pumpjack silhouetted against a prairie sunset

Oil Boom And Bust

gas station pump

Oil and Gas, from Liquid Gold to Chess Pawn


Casing vs. Tubing: It’s All in the Size


Natural Gas Wells and Piping


Extending the Life of a Well with Flush Joint Casing

pipe bollard

4 Reasons to Use Pipe Bollards

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