Extending the Life of a Well with Flush Joint Casing

The operating lifespan of an active well varies greatly, depending on how efficiently the well can collect the resources and the return on investment for the well. In Colorado, there are active wells that have been operating for more than 100 years. 

Many of the gases and fluids that are pushed in and out of the piping are corrosive. For example, hydraulic fracturing wells that collect natural gas are often pumped with salt water, which is known to break down metals very quickly. And even though many wells have a special lining, even they are known to crack or erode over the lifespan of a well. So how does a well last so long without leaching toxic chemicals into the soil and groundwater? The answer could be flush joint casing.

What is Flush Joint Casing?

Flush joint casing is a unique kind of pipe casing that can expand the lifespan of a well, allowing oil and gas companies to continue operating for as long as possible. This method is very beneficial for companies to keep their well going with little to no upkeep and avoiding the risk of doing a squeeze job on the current casing.

How Does Flush Joint Casing Work?

The new casing is run inside the current casing of the well as far as can be allowed (or as far down as the well goes to collect the desired resources). Flush joint casing has a box joint at one end and a matching pin joint at the other. This way, when the piece of the casing is threaded together, they offer a tight seal and are the same diameter on the outside and inside throughout the casing structure. It adds structural stability, which makes wells (even older ones) safer to operate over the long haul, without having to replace the entire string or redrill a new well.

Not only does expanding the life of a well save the drillers money, but it also reduces the overall cost of fossil fuel energy, making it more economical for the end-users. It also ensures that wells continue to meet environmental standards, keeping the byproducts of the drilling industry out of the soil and groundwater. Whether you are a large or small oil and gas company, Reddy Pipe has the flush joint casing that you need to expand the life of your well, keeping it safe for both workers and the environment and giving you a more significant return on your investment. Contact us today for all your flush joint casing needs.

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