Road Traffic Bollards: Types and Uses

Originally, the term “bollard” would only refer to a maritime post installed on a wharf that would be used for mooring boats and ships. Nowadays, bollards are used throughout urban areas to shield buildings and pedestrian zones from road traffic.

What is a Road Traffic Bollard?

Road traffic bollards are sturdy posts typically made of steel but can also be made of concrete. While some bollards are permanent and immovable, removable bollards can be installed in certain areas to allow the flow of selective traffic to an area.

Typically, a removable road traffic bollard would have a security hole that it would be inserted into and then locked into place by the property owner. When a vehicle approached that is permitted in the zone, the bollard could be unlocked and removed from the hole to allow the vehicle to enter.

What are Road Traffic Bollards Used For?

Road bollards are used to protect buildings and pedestrian areas from vehicles causing damage to people or structures either accidentally or on purpose. Bollards can be used to protect closed businesses such as banks and jewelry shops against “ram-raids” and other types of vehicular attacks.

What Kinds of Road Traffic Bollards Are There?

There are quite a number of types of road traffic bollards. Below, you can find most applications for road bollards:

  • Roadside bollards. These bollards are used to control traffic intake, speed, or flow. They can be used for traffic-control or terrorist prevention in populous areas.
  • Traffic-island bollards. These types of traffic bollards are used at intersections and traffic islands and painted with reflective paint to provide a visual cue to drivers.
  • Bell bollards. Bell bollards are shorter and rounded bollards used to deflect large or heavy vehicles that might destroy conventional bollards.
  • Removable bollards. These bollards are hinged at ground level and can be folded flat or popped out of a ground socket completely to allow the flow of selective traffic.
  • Flexible bollards. Flexible bollards are typically made of plastic or rubber that is bendable under the weight of a vehicle. They are meant to reduce vehicle damage while serving to direct traffic in the desired direction. Depending on the material, they provide a varying amount of stopping power, protection, and flexibility.

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