Use Recycled Piping in Rustic Design

rustic pipe decor

You may have seen the latest trend in reusing pipes to add that perfect rustic home decor. Steel pipes are very multifunctional and can bring the unique accent you need to any room. There is no need to spend lots of money on premade pieces, as you will find them easy to make. Once you’ve purchased your piping from Reddy Pipe, the hardest part is coming up with an idea!

Below, you will find some ideas to help you get started finding that perfect piece for your home:

    • Start small with pipe napkin/paper towel holders These are appealing, fun, and functional. They are a great and simple piece to add to your kitchen.

    • Go for some pipe shelving This may be the most common rustic trend that has been catching on lately. Shelves can be made from different pipe shapes and sizes. No doubt you can find the one which catches your eye the most.

  • Make a rustic pipe bar cart Who doesn’t love a trendy bar cart to get some compliments from houseguest? Pair the pipes with some beautiful wood, and show off your new creation to all of your friends.

  • Design a rustic table This piece can be customized to coincide with the style of any room. Whether it’s a new kitchen table or a modern coffee table, everyone will love it.

  • Get some vintage lighting This option can range from simple to eccentric. Need a new table lamp? Or perhaps a modern chandelier? Do you have a space on the wall that needs to be filled? Check out what a water pipe and some light bulbs can do!

Create Your Dream With Pipes

There’s a reason why using recycled piping is becoming so popular in decorating. Need some more ideas to get that perfect rustic home? Check out Rustic Review to get started for some design ideas.

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