4 Reasons to Use Pipe Bollards

pipe bollard

You probably already know that pipes are used to transport fluids and loose matter from one place to another, but did you know they can also be used as a shield? Pipe bollards are pieces of heavy-duty pipe filled with concrete and placed into the ground. The structurally sound and straightforward design can withstand massive amounts of force and impact, which is why they are used to protect everything from people to buildings to money, primarily from vehicles. In this article, we are going to describe four common uses for pipe bollards.

Decoration and Wayfinding

Although not the most common use for steel pipe bollards, many municipalities will install them along property lines, park walkways, to help guide those who are vision impaired. They are also used decoratively, especially in places like downtown entertainment districts. They can block off pedestrian-only streets from vehicle traffic, while also adding well-designed elements to the built environment.

Traffic Control

As mentioned above, pipe bollards are instrumental in preventing pedestrian or bicycle-related vehicle accidents by shielding the right of way or preventing vehicles from accessing specific pathways. They avoid unnecessary death and injury in more cases than not and have proven to be a very cost-effective way to keep people safe from drunk drivers or people who are texting and driving.


Steel pipe bollards are also great for securing a building that stores valuable assets, like money, cars, or high-end jewelry. Bollards can prevent a security breach via vehicle, reducing the hit and run version of burglary. You’ll often see them in front of ATM’s, Banks, engagement ring sellers, and most recently in Oklahoma, Medical Marijuana dispensaries.


Although not much different than using steel pipe bollards for security, they are also used to protect buildings from exterior damage. In the case of security, bollards are used to protect assets or buildings from intentional harm. But many businesses install pipe bollards in parking lots and drive-throughs to protect their building from accidental damages. Bars and clubs are known for placing them at parking spots that are adjacent to the building to prevent those who might have been drinking from causing damage. 

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Pipe Bollards

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