What Are Oil Country Tubular Goods?

Well Casings

It might sound like something you find on a country farm, but oil country tubular goods are far more essential to the drilling process. These pipes are seamlessly welded together to form a composite of different tubular products used in drilling for oil. 

There is a wide range of OCTG products available for a variety of functions. However, some of the most commonly used pipes for these jobs include well casings, drill pipes, and production tubing.

These oil tubular products have a unique purpose and are designed to meet precise requirements based on their particular function.

Oil Tubular Products

Well Casings primarily work to stabilize the well to prevent the walls from collapsing during the drilling process. There are several different types of casings used based on the distinct characteristics of the borehole. 

  • Conductor casing
  • Surface casing
  • Production casing

Production Tubing is pipe used to transport hydrocarbons from deep in the well up to the surface. Then, it’s run down into the drilled hole and cemented in place. The hollow tubing needs to be extremely strong as it also protects the well casings from any corrosive fluids, corrosion, or by-products that may come up while drilling.

Drill Pipe is a hollow pipe with thin walls made from steel or aluminum alloy. The metal pipes are hardened, so they are strong enough to withstand the pressures of subterranean conditions and accidents.

Oil tubular pipes are very different from the many other types of steel tubing but are necessary for making the drilling process much more efficient. In addition, they can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, so they are well prepared to meet the high demands of even the most challenging drilling environments.

OCTG From Reddy Pipe

OCTG can be used in both onshore and offshore drilling sites. With the overall consumption of oil and gas products steadily increasing, the demand for these oil country tubular goods is also growing. 

These pipes come in a variety of sizes and diameters and are available new and used. You can also choose from several different grades, making it easy to find the exact pipe to meet the needs of your project.

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