Coated Pipes: What’s the Benefit?

Industrial pipe with gas, oil and water

If corrosion-free pipes are what you are looking for, then coated pipes are a must-have for transporting gas and liquids. The coating protects the pipe from corrosion, moisture and from harmful chemicals. Because of this layer of protection, the pipes last a lot longer and are not damaged from corrosion.

Pipe coating is a technique of repairing pipes instead of having to replace them. The most common mixture used is an epoxy resin that is smooth when it hardens.  This mixture seeps into cracks and repairs any damage in the line. 

Here are a few more benefits of pipe coating:

  • Flow capacity increases with coated pipes because the surface is smoother, causing less friction between the gas or liquid and the pipe.
  • The cost is lower because the pipes do not have to be replaced as often.  Also, they require less maintenance and are more durable, withstanding even the harshest weather.
  • Reduced energy usage while pumping is a positive effect created from coated pipes. Over time, this is more efficient and money.
  • The installation of coated pipes can help reduce maintenance costs and provide worry-free transmission of gas or liquid.
  • It provides a permanent fix. The epoxy used is very strong and durable. It can fix leaks and also prevent them from happening again.
  • Less maintenance calls have to be made. Calling a plumber every time you have a leak can cost money and cause stress. With coated pipes, these kinds of calls go away and so does the stress associated with them

There are many benefits to having coated pipes. Not only do they improve the integrity of the pipe itself, but they save money and are more efficient. The pains of replacing damaged, corroded pipes go away and the peace of mind that comes with a permanent solution moves in.

If you notice leaking or damaged pipes on your property, it may be time to consider pipe coating. This treatment can actually prove to be a permanent fix removing the need for emergency calls to the plumber. Overall, coated pipes are less messy, more efficient and more affordable than replacing pipes altogether.

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