What Components Make up a Water Well?

Water Wellhead

Most of the time, we don’t give much thought to where our water comes from. We just turn the knob, and it starts flowing. However, the complexity of a groundwater well system may surprise you. Many components make up a water well, the most crucial being the well head, casing, and pump.

Well Head

The Wellhead is that part of the well that is visible above the surface of the ground. It consists of a cap that prevents dirt and debris from getting into the well and a wire guard: a pipe or tube that protects the electrical cables that run to the pressure tank and power source.

Well Casing

The casing is arguably the most important component of a water well system, as it houses all of the underground well components that can’t be seen from the surface. Additionally, the casing acts as a straw that the well pump uses to draw water up the pressure tank, where it can be distributed to a home, facility, or anywhere it is needed. 

For residential applications, well casings are typically made from durable PVC. However, industrial well systems use a low percentage of carbon steel, which depending on the size and depth of a water well, must be able to withstand anywhere from 40,000 to 150000psi of pressure.

Well Pump

The pump is the heart of a water well. Its job is to suck the water out from deep in the ground and transport it all the way up the casing to the surface. There are two styles of well pumps: submersible pumps and jet pumps. Submersible pumps are dropped down (sometimes to depths of 1000 feet) to the groundwater level, where they can push the water up toward the surface. Jet pumps, on the other hand, are installed above ground where they can pull the water upwards. These pumps are standard for shallow wells of 25 feet or less.

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