What is Oilfield Pipe?

oil field pipe

The pipeline network has been an important part of the U.S transportation system. How so? Thanks to the establishment of these networks, families can enjoy cooking on gas stoves and heat in their homes during cold nights.

The hard work of many companies and the pipes that are used to format these networks made these amenities accessible.

What Are Pipes Made of?

Typically pipes are made of carbon steel or low alloy steel. This helps avoid corrosion from any water or other outer factors like humidity. Pipelines are commonly placed out of sight and underground, making both carbon and low alloy steel ideal.

Although these pipes can vary in size, the form will always be the same: hollow and rounded with a wall of steel.


When looking for the right pipes for your project, you must consider the length, the width, and the diameter of the pipes needed.

Length varies according to each project and even each position of a pipe. While there are different standard lengths, the most common pipe length is about 30 feet (9 meters) to 40 feet (12 meters).

The sizes are designated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The inside diameter of the pipe is the key measurement, as it tells you how much product can flow through. Two numbers specify pipe size:

  • Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) measures the inside diameter (ID) in inches.
  • Schedule (Sched. Or Sch.) measures the wall thickness.


Steel pipes are used in the transportation of gases and fluid. This can range from goods processing and marine application to gas and liquids such as propane.

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