Structural Pipe: Types and Uses

structural pipe

There are many types of structural pipes being used in countless ways all over the world. Since the types and applications are many, here at Reddy Pipe, we want you to familiarize yourself with some of the most common types of structural pipe and the most common structural pipe applications. 

Structural pipes can be used commonly for columns, sign poles, structural supports, pilings, and bollards. At Reddy Pipe, we can cut or splice pipes for your needs to ensure that no matter what you’re using it for, the application can reduce waste.

Types of Structural Pipes

Generally speaking, structural piping is typically made of steel and meets specific standards of chemical composition and mechanical properties. Since it is such a blanket term and structural pipes can be used for so many applications, there are about six ways to categorize the different types of structural pipes.

The six most common types of structural pipe are:

  • Culvert pipes: Culvert pipes are not typically held to a high quality standard and are not expected to be very durable. Culvert pipes are used for diverting water around driveways, roads, sewer systems, and temporary bridges.
  • Fence pipes: Fence pipes are structural pipes that are gaining popularity for fence building around parking lots, public parks, and even private properties. 
  • Spiral steel pipes: Spiral steel pipes are economical and durable pipes that are used as structural pipes for pilings, trenches, and road casings.
  • ERW steel pipes: ERW steel pipes are known as high quality line pipes and are commonly used by utility companies such as power and oil industries. It is commonly used in column and tunnel construction.
  • Seamless steel pipes: Seamless steel pipes are durable pipes used as bollards, pipe pilings, and dock pilings.
  • DSAW carbon steel pipes: This type of pipe is a structural pipe that is available in many different grades and is typically used for road boring, road casing, and culverts.

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