What to Know About Structural Steel Pipe

structural pipe

Do I need pipes or tubes for the job? Tubes and pipes might sound like the same thing but are significantly different. Structural steel pipe is used as vessels to move materials like water, solid, and gas, while tubes are used for structural support. Structural steel pipes are installed underground on large-scale commercial construction sites and city infrastructure, while tubes are only used for structural purposes.

What are the Uses of Structural Steel Pipe?

Construction steel pipe uses include:

  • The pipes’ strong design is used to protect electric wiring.
  • In dock piling, structural steel pipes hold the weight of the dock. 
  • Pop piling is used for building heavy structures like bridges and hefty buildings.
  • Caissons filled with concrete and used for permanent foundations.
  • Bollards, short in length, protect buildings or are used for road use protection. 

How is Structural Steel Pipe Made?

Structural steel pipe is made by heating steel slabs to very high temperatures and molding them into hollowed rolls. They are seamlessly welded and rolled into different dimensions and thicknesses. New steel pipe is highly durable and can last 20-50 years. Their high strength and high quality make their reuse extremely reliable.

Can Structural Steel Pipe be Reused?

Yes. Used steel pipe, when well preserved, can be reconditioned,  retested, and reused for many different low-pressure jobs, making it cost-effective. While reusing pipe is suitable for saving on spending costs, it’s also great for reducing impacts on the environment. Use the steel pipes for various jobs by having them sized and cut for specific needs.

Where can I get Structural Steel Pipe?

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