What are Crossover Joints?

crossover joint

Have you ever heard the phrase:” you can fit a square peg in a round hole?” Well, at times, workers run into that problem when laying oil and gas lines. So they need specialized connectors to get all the different components to fit together. These special connectors are called crossover joints.

What are Crossover Joints?

Crossover joints are a special kind of casing connector constructed from a seamless mechanical tube with one type of thread at the field end and another type in the coupling, allowing a change to be made between different classes of pipe in a casing string. Crossover joints are also referred to as X-over joints, crossover subs, or crossover pup joints.

What are Crossover Joints Used For?

Crossover subs are commonly needed to connect casing collars to the string; however, various other locations along the pipe string require crossover joints. For instance, you may need crossover subs to connect two pipes with different:

  • pressure ratings
  • connector types
  • diameter

Are Crossover Joints and Pup Joints the Same Thing?

When ordering oilfield supplies, pup and crossover joints are often listed in the same category. However, they are two very different components. While crossover joints deal with connecting pipes of varying size, type, or pressure rating, pup joints are used to adjust the length of a casing string.

How to Order Crossover Joints

Every project is unique and may call for several different crossover joints. Most oilfield suppliers are able to custom fabricate individual joints based on required specifications such as: 

  • Grade
  • Length
  • Wall thickness
  • Surface coating
  • Thread size

In Need of Crossover Joints? They're Reddy!

For over 33 years, Reddy Pipe has been supplying gas and oil companies with the top quality piping and oilfield supplies for their drilling needs. Whether you need crossover joints for an upcoming drilling project or are in dire need of emergency supplies, our sales and customer service teams are ready and willing to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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