Three Ways to Use Structural Piping

structural pipes

When many people think of piping, they often think of the pipes in their home that work to transport water. However, piping can have a variety of uses. In this article, we will consider three popular ways to use structural piping.


Structural piping can be used for fencing that not only looks great but can suit your various needs. One of the advantages of choosing pipe fencing is its versatility. You might be interested in creating a custom gate or entryway for your home, or perhaps you’re looking into building a pen for some cattle. 

Our pipes are strong and durable and can even provide additional strength to existing chain link fences. This is especially useful when using our piping to create animal pens as they are strong enough to handle the impact of large animals.

Culvert Piping

Culvert piping is typically used to transfer water and under materials under roads and earth. In some cases, the construction of new homes or roads can interrupt the natural flow of a pond or stream. 

A culvert pipe works to connect these two areas in a seamless way that allows fish and other animals to go back and forth with ease. The pipes durability has even allowed them to be used in bridges due to their strength and ability to sustain heavy loads.

Pipe Bollards

While bollards were initially used for mooring boats, they are now utilized for everything from protecting buildings to controlling road traffic. These pipe bollards are pieces of heavy-duty pipe that are filled with concrete and placed deep into the ground.

Steel pipe bollards are often used in parking garages to help direct incoming traffic. They can also help prevent parking in certain areas that are close to the entryway of a building to prevent possible accidents. 

Bollards may also be used on company grounds to mark the beginning and end of walkways, or simply to add a professional touch to commercial buildings. In addition to this, they’re often used as a security measure for stores that carry valuable goods.

Why Use Reddy Pipe & Supply Inc.

Here at Reddy Pipe & Supply Inc, we’ve been serving the gas and oil industry for the past 33 years, and our reputation speaks for itself. 

We understand the importance of stellar customer service and aim to make every experience with our company a great one. Our team members are available around the clock, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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