What is Road Bore?

road bore

Whether you’ve given much thought to road bore or not, you’ve already benefited from the process. A road bore is a tunnel or channel built under roads or other passages to transport utilities without disrupting or demolishing the environment or roadway above it. 

Pipelines and conduits are often set underground out of sight and safely away from the reach of people and animals.

How Does Road Boring Work?

Teams can access underground with low-angle drilling. They start by drilling through an entrance pit that’s located away from foot and vehicle traffic. Drills are then directed around any existing utilities or other underground obstacles. 

As it gets closer to its destination, the drill will become more horizontal. Once the target point is reached, the opening is enlarged. The path is then cleared from dirt and other debris to pull the pipelines and conduits through the tunnel.

The Benefits of Road Boring

One of the main advantages of road boring is creating tunnels beneath roads, existing structures, and rivers without disturbing the ground above. Ultimately it allows contractors and technicians to leave a considerably smaller construction footprint. As a result, less vegetation and soil are torn up, diminishing the effects of erosion.

So even though it initially costs more than digging a trench, it saves time and money in the long run. Roadways don’t need to be shut down, structures won’t require post repair, and rivers and inhabitants won’t be disturbed.

Additionally, road boring makes it easy to install multiple utility types in a single location. This causes minor disturbances to the environment and existing structures. It also makes access to these utilities easy in the future. 

The Pipe Experts at Reddy Pipe

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