What is Well Casing?

well casing

Well casing is a specialized type of piping that provides support for the wall of a well that controls unconsolidated loose rock fragments or sand. After a well is dug, this casing is inserted to keep the wall of dirt and other substrates from collapsing into the well, which would compromise the integrity of the well as well as dirty the water. The casing also serves to protect the pull cable, electrical wires, and any water piping that is connected to the submersible water pump.

Metal or Plastic Well Casing?

Well casing comes in either steel metal or plastic. The decision to choose steel or plastic should not be taken lightly. It should be decided by the professionals who are responsible for the construction of the well, and the decision should not be made on mere preference but on practical installation criteria such as the equipment used to construct the well, local building codes, and perhaps price if the previous criteria don’t call for a specific type of casing.

Well casing is an important component of a professionally constructed well that not only improves the integrity of the well, but also facilitates the installation of a grout seal around the casing that will prevent potentially contaminated surface liquids such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc., from entering the stored groundwater.

While steel casing has long been the favorite, new and improved PVC piping that have longer lifespans, improved durability, and better strength than ever before, has been making a show in the world of well casing. The type of casing that should ultimately be used depends much on the water chemistry and the geology of the substrate that was excavated. The corrosivity of water may affect metal pipes more severely than plastic PVC piping that is not susceptible to the same level of corrosion through electrolysis or pH levels.

No matter your needs for well casing, Reddy Pipe Supply has the plastic or steel well casing that you need! If you have any questions, feel free to give our professionals a call today.

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