What is Wellhead Piping?


With so many different components involved in the oil and gas industry, it’s vital to look at one of the essential pieces of equipment on any job site: the wellhead. So let’s consider the following topics related to wellheads:

  • What is a wellhead?
  • What role does it play in this industry?
  • What is wellhead piping?

What is a Wellhead?

Wellheads are components placed at the surface of an oil or gas well to provide the structural and pressure-containing interface required for the drilling and production equipment. A well blowout could occur without using a wellhead or a similar component.

What Type of Piping Connects to a Wellhead?

Once the hole is drilled, you reach the oil reservoir, a connected series of steel pipes known as casing strings are installed. These sections of pipe connected with couplings run through the wellbore from the oil up to the wellhead.

In the case of production operations, a Christmas tree can be attached to the wellhead. This component is a multi-valved structure used to control the flow of oil from the well and consists of:

  • Valves
  • Spools
  • Fittings 

The Role of Wellheads in the Oil and Gas Industry

While a wellhead does provide a means of casing suspension, it also provides:

  • A means of tubing suspension, which are pipes that can be removed.
  • Pressure sealing and isolation between casing at the surface.
  • A means of monitoring pressure
  • Pumping access to annuli between the different casings or tubings.
  • A means of attaching a blowout preventer.
  • Reliable access to the well.
  • A means of connecting a well pump.

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