Types of Structural Piping

structural pipes

Steel structural piping is versatile, durable, recyclable, and can sustain hefty loads. Incorporating steel pipe into the plans of a structure can add strength and longevity to the final product.

What types of structural piping can you buy? What are the applications of steel structural piping?

Sizes of Structural Piping

Reddy Pipe & Supply, Inc. has structural piping for small and large-scale construction, from backyard projects to massive industrial site work. 

We carry steel structural piping ranging from 1” – 64” in diameter.

Grades of Structural Piping

Beyond our wide selection of structural piping sizes, Reddy Pipe & Supply also offers several pipe grades. Each grade of structural piping steel varies in properties such as yield and strength.

Our structural piping selection includes:

  • A500B Grade
  • A53B Grade
  • A252 Grade
  • New Mill Reject (NMR) 

The grade of piping you need will depend on the application. We can make professional recommendations on which grade of steel piping is right for your project.

New and Used Structural Piping

One of the best things about steel is its sustainability. Whether you want to start fresh with new steel piping or repurpose used piping for your structure, both are sustainable choices. 

“Steel’s two key components are iron – one of Earth’s most abundant elements – and recycled steel. Once steel is produced it becomes a permanent resource because it is 100% recyclable without loss of quality and has a potentially endless life cycle,” says the World Steel Association. “Its combination of strength, recyclability, availability, versatility and affordability makes steel unique.”

By opting for energy-efficient building materials like steel, you or your organization can reduce your carbon footprint.

Applications for Structural Piping

Using steel piping is an efficient and durable solution for adding strength to all sorts of structures. 

Ways to use structural piping include: 

  • Piling
  • Bollards
  • Road Bore
  • Fencing
  • Culverts
  • Water Well Casing 
  • More

Structural piping has virtually limitless applications, making it a popular choice for engineers and contractors. 

Tulsa, OK Structural Piping Supplier

Reddy Pipe & Supply, Inc. has been providing Tulsa residents with high-quality piping for decades. Our wide selection ensures we have steel structural piping for any type or scale of project you may have. 

At Reddy Pipe & Supply, our business centers around our customers. Our team is available 24 / 7 / 365 to assist you with your piping needs. 

Get in touch with us. We are Reddy!

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