What are Pup Joints?

Pup Joints

Typically used as connecting pipework between materials, pup joints handle production tubing in various situations. For example, they’re used to measure the spacing of full-length tubing and casing strings. However, what exactly are pup joints, and why are they useful?

What are Pup Joints?

Pup joints are tubing and casing of non-standard lengths used to adjust the length of a tubular string to the correct requirement.

What is the Purpose of Pup Joints?

There are many scenarios where a pup joint is utilized. For example, you may purchase pup joints to lengthen the following:

  • Full-length tubing
  • Drill pipe
  • Casing string
  • Line pipe 

Pup joints are also used to reach a particular reservoir depth or space out the casing string before hanging it. Generally used in wells, pup joints are a crucial part of maintaining the integrity of a well. In addition, since they come in shorter lengths, they’re easier to handle and manage in small spaces.

Pup Joint Types and Sizing

Pup joints differ depending on the type of tubing they’re used alongside. Depending on the job, you may need casing pup joints, tubing pup joints, drill pipe pup joints, or a combination of the three. They’re set apart further based on the nominal outside diameter of the pipe itself. These diameters range from ¾” to 20” depending on the type of tubular material they mate with.

How to Order Pup Joints

Pup joints typically come in lengths of 2’,3’,4’,5’,6’,8’, 10’, and 12’. When ordering pup joints, you’ll generally need to specify the length required, tubing size, thread type, thread configuration, weight, and steel grade.

Where Can I Get Pup Joints?

Find high-quality pup joints for your tubing, casing string, or drill pipe needs here at Reddy Pipe & Supply Inc. Our professionally trained team is on hand to answer any questions about pup joints so you can get the job done right.

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