What is Fusion Bond Epoxy Coating?

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Fusion bond epoxy coating is an environmentally safe thermoset polymer applied to pipes. FBE coating was first introduced in the 1960s and has continued to evolve to suit various needs. 

Steel pipes are widely used in pipeline construction and on their own are susceptible to corrosion. Applying fusion bond epoxy coating to piping connections and valves protects the pipes from the damp environment around them and prevents them from breaking down over time.

How is Fusion Bond Epoxy Coating Applied?

Once a pipe’s surface is cleaned and heated to over 450° Fahrenheit, the thermosetting coating is applied as a spray. The fusion bond powder melts onto the steel’s surface and fuses the pipe to create a hard barrier protecting the steel

FBE coatings can be applied in multiple layers or alone, depending on the properties of the parts. The number of layers used will vary for fittings, girth welds, pipe bodies, and internal surfaces.

How Does FBE Coating Work?

FBE powder coating includes essential components like a curing agent, resin, fillers, and color pigments. The hardener and resin combine as a binder, the curing agent forms the reaction, and the pigments and fillers create the designed finish. 

When the powder form of fusion bond epoxy coating melts down to a liquid, then is added to the metallic surface. This process is called fusion bonding. Once this chemical reaction occurs, you can’t reverse it. 

This process gives pipes a permanent protective layer that drastically improves the lifetime of stainless steel pipes.

Fusion Bond Epoxy Coating Effectiveness

Fusion bond pipes are durable and typically last a long time when the epoxy is applied correctly and the pipes were prepped correctly. It’s crucial that you purchase pipes from a supplier you trust so that you can be confident your pipes won’t fail. 

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