What is Wellhead Piping?

With so many different components involved in the oil and gas industry, it’s vital to look at one of the essential pieces of equipment on any job site: the wellhead. So let’s consider the following topics related to wellheads: What is a wellhead? What role does it play in this industry? What is wellhead piping?

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road bore

What is Road Bore?

Whether you’ve given much thought to road bore or not, you’ve already benefited from the process. A road bore is a tunnel or channel built under roads or other passages to transport utilities without disrupting or demolishing the environment or roadway above it. Pipelines and conduits are often set underground out of sight and safely

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Pup Joints

What are Pup Joints?

Typically used as connecting pipework between materials, pup joints handle production tubing in various situations. For example, they’re used to measure the spacing of full-length tubing and casing strings. However, what exactly are pup joints, and why are they useful? What are Pup Joints? Pup joints are tubing and casing of non-standard lengths used to

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culvert pipe

What is a Culvert Pipe?

Culverts are drains that create space and channels under roads, trails, railroads, and the ground. Culverts are entirely underground, surrounded by soil or structure. What are the primary uses for culvert pipes, and what materials are most commonly used in their production? What’s the Purpose of a Culvert? Culvert pipes are used worldwide, creating support

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